Scalp Micropigmentation For Women

It’s not just men who suffer from hair loss.  Women too suffer due to various factors such as stress, surgery, childbirth or alopecia.  In the past, there were very few options available to treat hair loss.  However, in present times there are plenty of alternatives available and one such alternative that has slowly gained popularity in India is scalp micropigmentation.

Women’s hair loss pattern is usually different in comparison to men, and due to this difference, the solution is also different.

Key difference between men’s hair loss and women’s hair loss

Men usually lose hair in a set pattern with a front receding hairline and thinning of the crown area, which may be followed by complete baldness.  While women usually experience diffuse thinning.  Women’s hair loss is fairly even throughout the scalp, with the front hairline intact.  For these reasons, scalp micro pigmentation shows great results for women.

Does one need to shave their head for Scalp Micropigmentation?

 No, one need not shave their head to receive scalp micropigmentation.

How does it work?

The hair is parted section by section, and pigment in applied with an electric device in a dot- like pattern, throughout the scalp.  What’s most important is that the pigment used must not change color.  In India, due to the hot and humid climate in most parts of the country, the pigment can change color.  Hence, we use carbon- based pigments that do no change color, which is suitable for Indian climate.  The end result is a shaded scalp that makes the hair appear thicker and fuller.

SMP for alopecia

If the hair thinning is even all over the scalp, scalp micro pigmentation can be used to camouflage the hair loss effectively. In case of hair loss in patches, that is alopecia areata, or complete hair loss in alopecia universalis you need to discuss the suitability and the level of camouflage possible with the technician.

Is Scalp Micropigmentation suitable for all women?

 Scalp micropigmentation is not ideal for blonde women since the ink color needs to match the natural hair color.  However, Indian women see excellent results since most have dark to medium light hair color.


Most women are uncomfortable sharing their pictures post treatment.  Hence due to privacy reasons, there are more pictures available of men than women.  However, scalp micropigmentation for women has gained popularity due to it’s effectiveness in case of female pattern baldness.

If you are someone who’s suffering from female pattern baldness, postpartum hair loss or alopecia, here’s a solution for you that guarantees results!

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