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Risks Of Scalp Micropigmentation And How You Can Avoid Them

Scalp micropigmentation is one of the popular methods of hair restoration in both men and women that creates the effect of thick hair.  The procedure is done with the help of an electric device that transfers pigment through a needle onto the scalp, which looks just like natural hair follicles.

Although, scalp micropigmentation is relatively safe, there maybe some risks involved which can be avoided if care is taken.  In this article we share with you the same so that you have enough knowledge before you begin.

Is scalp micropigmentation painful?

 Every individual’s pain threshold is different.  What maybe very painful for one, may not necessarily be as painful for another.  So it may not necessarily hurt you, but you may experience slight discomfort.

The needles used for the procedure are fine and thin and the entire process takes about 3 sessions to complete.  It’s very similar to getting a tattoo done, just so you get an idea of what it feels like.

Is your scalp micropigmentation artist trained?

 The most significant risk comes from choosing an undertrained artist.  Hence, choosing a trained and certified scalp micropigmentation technician is most important.

If your SMP technician is not knowledgeable enough or does not have enough training in the field, he could go wrong with the pigment color or he could end up providing unnatural results.

It’s most essential you choose a trusted practitioner who is well- known in the field of scalp micropigmentation.

Can scalp micropigmentation ink cause any allergy?

 If your scalp micropigmentation practitioner uses high- quality inks, you have nothing to worry about.  Possible allergies are rare and occur only when the ink used is of poor quality.

Your practitioner could also do the procedure on a small area to see if there are any reactions.

Do hair follicles get damaged during the procedure?

 There is no way scalp micropigmentation can damage your natural hair follicles as the needles used barely penetrate 2 mm, while hair follicles go deep down into the skin.  This is done by going between the existing hair follicles, so that depth and density are created.  Even if your practitioner were to go over the hair follicles, no damage would be done in the process.

Does SMP cause further hair loss?

 Scalp micropigmentation is perfectly safe and does not cause any further hair loss.  It may not help your hair to regrow, but it adds value in a cosmetic way.

Some people have the misconception that the use of needles on the scalp damages the hair follicles and prevents natural hair growth.  However, this is certainly not true.

To conclude, scalp micropigmentation risks are minimal, which can be avoided by choosing a well- known practitioner, educating yourself about the procedure, and ensuring proper aftercare is followed.  For further assistance, do get in touch with us via call/ WhatsApp or email.

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