How Long Does Scalp Micro Pigmentation Last

Scalp micro pigmentation is a life- altering solution for hair loss.  It’s very normal to want to know if the investment is worthwhile.  That’s why most people question how long does SMP last? In this post, we share with you some basics, how long scalp micro pigmentation could last and what you could do to increase it’s longevity.

Basics of Scalp Micro Pigmentation

One needs to be aware that having scalp micro pigmentation done does not prevent your hair from falling.  Pigments are simply applied to your scalp with an electric device to replicate the look of a natural hairline.  How long it will last depends on a number of factors.

The pigment colors fade over a period of time due to sunlight exposure etc.  Hence every few years the procedure needs to be redone.

Does scalp micro pigmentation fade?

SMP does fade with time.  There are 2 types of fading that occur.  The first kind of fading is the one that takes place as part of the healing process after each session.  This is completely natural and is the reason why multiple sessions are needed to complete the procedure.  Secondly, the ink fades over the years.  Which is why touch- up sessions are required.

How long does Scalp Micro Pigmentation last?

We advise most of our clients to return for a touch- up every 3 to 6 years, after the first scalp micro pigmentation treatment.  However, it’s possible that you may need to come in sooner.  This usually happens if your scalp is exposed to the sun, the pigment tends to fade.  The more the exposure to UV rays, the sooner the treatment fades.

For some, scalp micro pigmentation may take longer than others to fade.  This could be due to the type of pigment applied.  Some people require darker tones of pigment compared to others. The pigment then takes time to fade and lose its vibrancy.

Another factor that plays a role is one’s skin tone.  People with darker skin tones require touch- ups less frequently, as the color fading does not show much on their skin tone.  However, this is generally the case but depends on every individual.

How to make scalp micro pigmentation last longer?

Every individual want his SMP treatment to last a longer time so he doesn’t have to return soon for a touch- up.  Below we have mentioned some things you could do to make your SMP treatment last longer:

  1. Avoid over exposure to the sun, as it causes the pigment to fade soon and dries up the skin.
  2. Use a sun protection cream or cover your head with a scarf or hat whenever possible.
  3. Use a lightweight moisturizer to moisturize twice daily, so the skin doesn’t dry up.
  4. Use an exfoliating cleanser to keep the skin in good condition always.


If you require any further assistance in scalp micro pigmentation, do get in touch with us via call, WhatsApp or email.

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